Outside Apartments: The Harsh Reality Of Sleep

Apartments come in many shapes styles and sizes, additionally, they can be situated around a larger building, or they can stand alone in the midst of their surrounding environment. An outside apartment is an apartment surrounded by its immediate environment or neighborhood there are no additional walls preventing its exposure from the outside world. These apartments in Portland Oregon are occupied by virtually anyone but are recommended for the courageous souls, because nighttime is an entirely different world.

During nighttime, we experienced heightened senses any and everything that happens, even the slightest bump lights up our senses like a radar. The raccoons digging around in your local garbage’s can be thieves, or the gutters rattling could be Santa Clause. Overall, these minor disturbances are seen in life-threatening situations, and can make night time seem like an infinite shade of purple and twilight. An hour becomes a century and minutes are decades; sleep is nearly non-existent especially in a bustling environment.

There is that period in the middle of the night when we roll over and wake up if only for a fraction of a second, we have all experienced it. However, the conditions of living in an outside apartment make this fraction of a second the most suspicious detail in the night. There is a light creek in your apartment and your eyes dart around trying to find the source only to be deceived by your ears. Noticing nothing your limp your tired body across the eerie room and get back into your single mattress, realizing that your five senses can no longer be trusted. Suddenly there is creepy crawly sound on your window, and you pray to the heavens it isn’t what you think it is. Bet your thinking the Portland Oregon apartments for rent would have been a better choice right about now. Walking up to the grime-covered window, you see a swarm of moths battering the outside light.

Shivers run down your spine; such an unpleasant sight can make you question nature’s beauty. Trying to forget the horrid sight, you drag your body back to the twin size bed up against the corner. Dreams are finally starting to reveal themselves in your head, then suddenly a flare of blue and red lights flash past your windows and loud siren to accompany it. The night is restless around the brick building and time stretches itself thin.  Thinking there cannot possibly any more distractions you close your eyes for the last time, counting the sheep or, in this case, the amount of fruit flies lingering in the room.

With the final blink, your eyes shut and in a dark twist of fate, the rooster crows exposing your bloodshot eyes to the rising sun. Outside apartments are the veterans of the war on housing. They have managed to live through the good days, but now they are barely standing firm in the ruckus of the night. The Portland Oregon apartments for rent are a choice selection for calm nights.