The Natural Apartment: Earth

In the world of what seems to be an infinite population, people have become susceptible to a limited lifestyle often surrounded by the endless troubles of life. Everyone wants to dwell within the confines of their home, but is it realistic for some 7.5 billion people to be in control of their delegations?

Certain people possess more power than others do, and this aspect of humanity has sent ripples down the spine of domestic history. From the ripples sub-categories of primary shelter have developed, these cozy yet “constricted” rooms are apartments.

Often when we hear the word “a-part-meant,” almost instantaneously there are images of these vague four walls with shoddy curtains only surrounded by a not so friendly neighborhood. We might even envision the lovely Portland Oregon apartments for rent in fields of green meadows, and little mailboxes were sticking out the front lawn. While all natural processes of the world are cyclical, people move in either zigzags or straight lines, often in a domestic manner. Nevertheless, we manage to shelter each other using these blotchy buildings. Personally, an apartment can be a shapeless form (the ocean, the woods, mountains) yet mentally and socially conditioned we encase ourselves in false securities.

Humanity since the dawn of time has behaved as if a specific individual owned the earth. Perhaps we use this method of thinking to assert control over land. Can an apartment be in the middle of the ocean? There is food, sunlight (well in some places) and recreation, consider floating a pastime. Alternatively, we can frolic within the sensitive words, and hope to survive nature’s guardians. The complete answer to the question of domain lies within the sophistication of our brainwashed society. The world is ginormous, it flourishes with life and supports us, it is an apartment unprecedented by its selfish residents. However, the typical idea of an apartment is mutual self-assurance—the residents ensure the survival of the proprietor and the proprietor ensures the survival of the residents. Nevertheless, this system flawed by the constant unconscious wounds we self-inflict. Treating others with amiableness becomes a nearly impossible task, because of one major issue, mutual trust.

The spectrum when widened for a brief moment it becomes possible to view earth from a broader horizon. If I were a resident on another planet, I would honestly feel emotionally unstable merely looking at the condition of the earth. When such a magnificent domain mother earth is stripped of its purpose, the seeds of anarchy are planted. We permit ourselves to think we have control of the environment (our apartment), yet we fail to realize the extent of our silent protests. In an ironic dark humor, we then have the audacity to place others under our guidance and shelter while simultaneously wrecking Mother Gaia. In the world where the Portland Oregon apartments for rent sprout from the formless figures of the earth, we are probably living in a grand society based on trust and altruism, at least, we should be.